Monday, 11 April 2011

JohnTheOther, Where Art Thou?

Visitors to the library may have found a number of youtube links have stopped working the past few days. This is because the most excellent JohnTheOther, the best (& sweetest) men's rights campaigner of the youtube community has, as of a couple of days ago, closed his account, pulled his blog, & to all intents & purposes disappeared off the face of the internet.

His videos, always thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate & humane, inspired me greatly & did much to shape my present thinking about the misandric society we are living in.

Several months ago he wrote what seemed to me to be a very sensible piece about how the present climate of misandry & rape hysteria, encouraged & propagated by feminism, along with the prevalance of false rape accusations, has led to a society in which men have less reason to step in & risk injury intervening if witnessing an actual rape, the way he personally had done in the past. This, somewhat predictably, led to a hysterically overwrought reaction from youtube feminists, who showered him with personal insults, threatened physical violence &, of course, accused him of secretly being a rapist. (But of course!)

It all went on for quite some time, & word has it he was also threatened at his place of work. I can only speculate on why he has stopped posting, but that kind of hate-campaign would shut down most other free-speaking people too, including me, so I wouldn't be surprised if that were the cause.

The saddest thing about his removing all traces is that what is left on the internet is only the mirror image of what he said & did - the personal attacks, the slander & criticism of him. His videos refute all such drivel much better than I ever could, & I wish he could simply have left them where they were & just stopped posting, if that was what he had to do.

It's quite a loss to the internet, & the last few days have been pretty glum. But wherever he is & whatever he is doing, I wish him well.


  1. Johntheother was the victim of what can only be described as a new form of MacCarthyism. People who simply disagreed with him decided that they couldn't shut him up the old fashioned way by actually engaging in rational debate targeted his very livelihood by approaching the board of directors of the business he ran with his YouTube vids and labeling him a "rape apologist" and a misogynist.
    The subject material of his videos is intensely unpopular as are most MRA related subjects. It was for this reason and this reason only that his detractors were successful in bringing down his channel. They decided to go beyond the bounds of proper public discourse and practice the worst kind of cullamny possible: Threatening his work associates whom had no part in his online activities and threaten them and John with a hate campaign against their livelihoods.
    This is the lowest of the low. I know of several of John's detractors whom if I were only to bring to the attention of their employers would be fired promptly, but that is something that just wouldn't cross my mind as I am a normal, fair minded human being who understands the proper boundaries of discourse. Unfortunately, MRAs are at a disadvantage because of our fair mindedness and what happened to John is proof.

  2. "I know of several of John's detractors whom if I were only to bring to the attention of their employers would be fired promptly"

    Do it. Do it now. These people don't fight fair and neither should you. If we don't use every tool we have at our disposal we will lose. If we lose, these types (that shut JohntheOther down) will keep pushing until our very thoughts become a crime.

    How far can they push? Read from the lessons of history and try to convince yourself that it can't happen here:

  3. Nooo! John, come back! This sucks...

  4. I hope that John is reading this, and if he is I hope that he still had his videos or scripts available. I suggest to him that the message he had was importand and he should give someone his vids/scripts to redo them in a new image, one that is disconnected to him so that even though he is sadly lost and missed his message will not be.

  5. I absolutely agree. We love you John!!