Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hooking Up Smart

There's a blog I've been following the past year or so that I've been meaning to give a shout out to for awhile. Hooking Up Smart is both the best discussion about men & women & also between men & women I think I've ever found. I don't know at what point the changeover took place but what started out being quite possibly just another advice column for young women living in the modern age of hookup culture quickly became something much bigger, better, & harder to define.   

The posts, by it's creator, Susan Walsh, are always intelligent & involving, regularly taking in such topics as Game Theory & Evolutionary Psychology. Walsh shows a refreshingly rational level-headedness in her advice to women & an unusual generosity, curiosity, & open-mindedness in regard to male realities too. The balance she maintains between the male & female concerns is practically unique, & is almost certainly the key to the site's success. But the comments upon those posts - which regularly run for over 500 entries - are where the nitty gritty really begins.

An unusual community of minds has sprung up there, from a wide variety of backgrounds - U.S marines & polyamorous riot grrrls, pick-up artists & concerned mothers.. A healthy number are critical of feminism, though there are feminist voices represented there, too. Which makes for some lively discussions, that would no doubt descend into ugly shanking-in-the-showers violence in waking life but somehow Susan manages to keeps it all on an even keel & everyone gets their say, & people for the most part remain level-headed & respectful, & it works, somehow. It really shouldn't, but it does.

At this moment in time I am popping over there to check out the new developments every few days if I'm by a computer. I am, as it were, hooked. Here are a few posts of interest to start you off:

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  1. Byron, thank you so much! I am truly honored and flattered by your kind words. I'm so glad you are a regular at HUS!