Friday, 5 August 2011

Two Great Quotes From Hooking-Up Smart

A couple of gems that leapt out at me recently over at my current favourite blog, Hooking Up Smart, that seem to me to bear repeating in this setting. First from new kid on the block Jesus Mahoney:
The feminist view of male sexuality reminds me of Nietzsche’s view of Christianity. Nietzsche said, “The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad.” I would say that the feminist resolution to find male sexuality ugly and bad has helped to make male sexuality ugly and bad.
Isn't that great? I could muse on that for hours. Then a second, longer one from a commenter named Esau:
[A] young man grows up under the feminist indoctrination which tells him that Making a woman feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a sexual way is a VERY VERY VERY bad thing to do; you should never do it, and you should feel very, very, very bad and ashamed if you ever find that you have done it. Do you have the picture? Good.
Now our young man passes puberty and (let’s say he’s straight) wants the intimate society of women, and he also wants to do the right thing as he’s been taught. He understands that, practically, he must take the initiative and starts with the very simplest first step: he makes eye contact, maybe with a smile, for at least three seconds, with a variety of women he finds attractive.
What happens? You know what happens. If he’s not especially handsome and not especially skilled at choosing the right time and place — i.e if he’s like most young men — then a substantial fraction of the time, maybe even a majority of the time, the woman will not be interested and she’ll fend off his fledgling advance. She’ll scowl, frown, look away, pointedly ignore him, maybe even get up and leave his vicinity. These are not rare occurrences; by number count, they probably describes the large majority of sexual approaches in the world.

Now, how should he carry on in the future? Under a previous regime or in an alternate universe, he might think “Ah well, didn’t click; maybe the next one will be better.” Under Feminist Indoctrination, however, if he’s a decent, well-meaning boy then he’ll think “Holy cow! This eye-contact thing is making some women feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a sexual way! I feel really ashamed, and had better cut it out. (Guys, don’t do that.)” Now tell me, what kind of a sexual future do you think he has, if he’s been shamed out of even making eye contact? But, that’s exactly what the feminist protocol must lead to when taken seriously.

Let me take a moment to emphasize that I’m not claiming that the woman in any of these interactions is necessarily a bad actor, or that she should behave any differently. In all of these “Please stop and go away” reactions I’m imagining, she’s not going to call the cops or spray him with mace; it’s just that she really does feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a sexual way, and she’s just being honest about it. The fuck-up in the system is not her being honest about her feelings; the fuck-up in the system is the moral code that says he should be mortally ashamed after having tripped her feelings with the mildest possible action.

Now, back to the future: what is our young man to do? If he’s decent and holds to the moral code he’s been taught, then he won’t take a chance on making a woman feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a sexual way again; no, that would be a sin (“Guys, don’t do that.”). His only alternative is to wait in an eternal holding pattern, hanging out near women but never crossing the line to doing anything that might possibly make them uncomfortable; and waiting waiting waiting for that giant, un-mis-interpretable, sky-writing gauge IOI from some woman so he can be 100.0+% sure he won’t inadvertently make her feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a sexual way. Or, he can just give it up entirely and go back to porn and XBox. Hello! Does any of this sound familiar yet?
Of course, Randall Munroe nailed it first:

Read the comic, and then ask yourself: where did the young man get his ideas? Cereal box tops, you think?

And this is how we got to where we are today. By elevating women’s subjective comfort to the Absolute Highest Good, to which all other needs must be subordinated — read some Amanda Marcotte, if you think this is an exaggeration — feminism has made happy, normal sex lives impossible for large numbers of men and women both. And, with decent men being taught to self-censor, who is left with a free field of action? Assholes, of course; men who don’t care about making women uncomfortable or unsafe or anything else. Do you grasp the irony? Feminism enhances misogyny. To use an analogy, here feminism is like the poorly chosen antibiotic, that suppresses the beneficial microbes and in so doing lets the harmful ones run wild, eventually harming and weakening the body. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Byron,
    Thanks for the link. Those are two great quotes, I agree. Esau's been around for ages, but it's been interesting to see Jesus work through this. By the way, I love the xkcd comic - it might be perfect for a post I'm working on.

  2. You are most welcome, Ms Walsh. Anytime you need a letter of recommendation for HUS, just let me know :)

  3. Esau does make some fantastic comments, another one that complements the one of this post well is this one:

    Best part: "when approaching women becomes a crime, then only criminals will approach women"