Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sexism Busters

Just a quick one to plug a new site, which you may have heard about on AVFM last night. Its creator, Tom Martin, is currently suing the London School Of Economics Gender Studies department for sex discrimination, which will be quite a landmark case, should he win. There's more background information at his site, which I recommend you check out. And donate if you are able, it's for a very good cause.


  1. This is absoloutely rediculous - you're attacking one school of thought because it doesn't "suit you" to know about it. Not all feminists are anti-male, and the last thing we need in society is yet another attack on people who want equal rights. While you may have come across some views which may be extreme or offensive, this is due to your lecturers, not feminist thought.
    As a politics student, the majority of academia I come across has been written by men; I suppose I could kick up a fuss like yourself but I choose not to, as I'd rather absorb it (along with other literature) and form my own opinions. Nobody expects you to agree with radical feminism in the same way nobody will expect you to agree with extreme fascism or communism.
    Furthermore, have you taken into account that this one case of "sexism" you've encountered is witnessed and received by women on a daily basis - the only reason your case has garnered any attention is because it's different to the usual problems sexism presents.
    I don't see you holding opposition against the many men who've commented negatively about women on the comments section of the article you feature in in the Guardian; surely if you're against sexism, you'll want to defend everyone in your fight against it?

    I sincerely hope you lose your case; British society doesn't need any more sexism, and quite frankly you're not doing anything to get rid of it in the way you've reproached LSE, you're just adding to it.

  2. Hmmm... I'm not quite sure who that last comment was addressed to - was it to Mr Martin? If so, maybe you should leave it over at his site instead, I'm sure he'd be glad of the opportunity to state his case.

    But, on the off chance that you were simply off your meds that day & were actually addressing it to me, here would be my affectionate response, dear reader:

    1] All feminists I have met hold views which are at least on some issues misandric & anti-male.

    2] Tom Martin IS one of those 'people who want equal rights'.

    3] I've never had a lecturer.

    4] "Nobody expects you to agree with radical feminism in the same way nobody will expect you to agree with extreme fascism or communism."

    That's right, we expect you to agree only with middle-of-the road, politically correct fascism. :)

    5] I agree that Britain doesn't need any more sexism. That is why I wish Mr Martin only the best of luck with his case.

  3. Here's the latest. Please work it into a new article if you can. The video can be hosted on any blog.

    When gender students attack

    By sexismBusters

    Tom Martin has made headlines around the world for bringing a £50,000 sex discrimination lawsuit against the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE), claiming the gender studies Masters programme he attended briefly, was consistently biassed in favour of female victim-hood perspectives, blaming men, in order to justify ignoring male equality debates.

    Tom has discussed his case on A Voice for Men, and now appears in a youtube video, asking LSE students if discrimination against men in a gender studies course is justifiable, as the university's defence team argue. Some LSE students are immediately hostile on camera, one declaring “There's no discrimination against men!” - the outburst juxtaposed by a fast-scrolling 160 item A to Z of discrimination issues faced by males. Other students agree with Tom's complaint, one quietly admitting “I've been here for three years and never heard or read of a study about equal rights or equal opportunities for men, so definitely, there's a case there.”

    One LSE gender student justifies a focus on women in gender studies as “just kind of what happens”, her guilty gloss in keeping with a calculated betrayal by gender's elite. The head of LSE's Gender Institute candidly admits in 2011 (p.10), that when 'women's studies' changed to 'gender studies' it signalled a new era of inclusion for men, and a rejection of the old victim-feminist bias in favour of neutrality and objectivity - also admitting, that no such change took place. In 2008 (p.275), she was even more candid, “ 'Gender studies' as a designation [rather than 'Women's studies'] is more likely to attract funding.”

    Misleading advertising aside, the contract all students enter with LSE, explicitly rules out sex-discriminatory learning materials, but Tom has shown, the compulsory texts are full of male-blaming propaganda. At first the university dismissively denied it, but now Tom has measured the overwhelming bias, the defence are trying to make lame excuses for the one-sidedness. Evasive or disingenuous denials of discrimination by a defendant in lieu of a proper investigation of a complaint, is grounds for further prosecution (p.641).

    One text in the curriculum actually recommends bias, calling it 'Critical Studies on Men (CSM)'. According to various anecdotal reports, such criticality taints a wide variety of subjects, at every level, from kindergarden up. Naturally, boys and men feel threatened by these negative stereotypes, and research shows, this badly effects males' concentration and performance.

    With 59% of university degrees going to women and 41% to men, the gap getting wider, Tom's lawsuit should invigorate educationalists to update their curricula and become more welcoming to males and male equality issues, as with females.

    For the 900 plus women's studies and gender studies departments, justifying their existence and funding by claiming gender studies and feminism are all about men too - it is time to make good sisters. And to everyone else, it is time to donate to the fighting fund.


    For further information, media enquiries, and donations, visit