Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cowpatriarchy: The Rule Of The Cow Pat

A rock-climbing trip to the countryside & a wander through its verdant fields of roving bovine ruminants led me to reflect once again upon an immutable fact of life:

Put one bull into a field full of cows & a year later you’ve got one very happy bull & a field full of calves.

Put one cow into a field full of bulls & a year later you’ve got one very unhappy cow & only one calf.

This is a universal constant across practically all species, & humanity is no exception. Eggs are costly, sperm is cheap. As a man, it sure would be nice if that were not the case - heavenly, in fact - but it is what it is. And we are what we are. Men & women aren’t ‘equal’ because the sexes are - by definition - different. The differences are necessarily strongest the closer we get to any matter related to reproduction, but also when it comes to anything related to the survival & protection of the offspring such coupling begets. To protect the children, one has also to protect the women from which the children are borne, to put their safety & survival first, too.

And so it is there is not now, nor has there ever been, any human society which sends its women down the mines & out to hunt & into war while the men stay at home & play with the children. If, hypothetically, & only for the sake of argument, there ever was a society that tried to exist that way, clearly they died out without leaving a single trace of their existence anywhere, & for pretty obvious reasons.

This is not ‘patriarchy’ or ‘male privilege’ or any of that feminist indoctrination foisted upon us the past 40 years: the universal division of labour between the sexes is something we evolved over millions of years because that’s how we best survived. As civilizations sprung up & cities quickly appeared, the hunter/gatherer roles of man & woman rapidly became more obscure, complex & sophisticated: the man went out to work in an office instead of going out to hunt, & the woman kept house & cooked food in increasingly comfortable kitchens instead of tending the fire in the rain.

It is only in the 20th century, with the rise of industrialization & the safety & simplicity of factory & office work - along with the introduction of the pill in the 1960s - that women could actually begin to enter the workforce on something like an equal footing as the men already there working to provide for their wives & families at home. But because of simple biology - men can’t bear children, so every human being must be carried & nursed by a woman - men are still always going to work more & provide more than the women (which, as I’m sure you already know, goes some distance to explaining the perceived ‘pay gap’ in men & women’s lifetime earnings).

Anyhoo, the point is, we didn’t invent these gender roles any more than the birds or the bees or the zebras or the aardvarks did theirs. There has never been any secret conspiracy to keep women down, & indeed that universal division of labour was introduced by society - & mother nature - only to put the needs & safety of women first.

This, class, is why the fundamental tenets of all feminist theory are so fantastically wrong. I know you've been wondering.

 "Drop the idea of the women’s liberation movement, because they are also putting nonsense into your minds. Their nonsense is that they are trying to prove that men and women are equal. They are not. And when I say they are not, I don’t mean that someone is superior and someone is inferior. I mean that they are unique." 
 — Osho

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