Sunday, 5 February 2012

Can't Get Enough Of Girl Writes What

Latest video from the presently reigning coolest woman in the world, GirlWritesWhat. Let me take this opportunity to state, for the record, that I agree with & support everything I have ever heard her say one hundred & ten percent. That means I could backtrack 10% & still be 100% behind her. Hear her roar:


  1. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I am glad others see this way as well. Do you believe that gender empathy (or feminism for the sake of this videos main topic) derives from psychological egoism?

    Its interesting because we can see gender "issues" in much of nature. How some insects destroy their male counterparts after insemination. How we can see how evident male animals are protectors of their women. Which would declare evidence of the possibility of ego(ism) existing in nature as well. Its interestingly intimidating on how this leads to a chain reaction of thinking. Of thinking of all things and the nature as we know it. This all really has to do in the habitual patterns our minds have fallen slave to, and how to enlighten ourselves, thus enlightening everyone else. Great things are never easy.

    "To learn, one must unlearn."

    Excuse my ranting! But this is what happens when someone starts thinking. ♥

  2. Hi Rose,

    Hmmn.. I'm not quite sure if I'm understanding your question correctly, so I'm going to rephrase it in case you just wrote it all of a hurry:

    "Do you believe that lack of gender empathy (or feminism for the sake of this videos main topic) derives from psychological egoism?"

    In which case, I would say 'yes' would be the answer: I think feminism has been such an easy sell to women, especially, because of womankind's innate solipsism, which is the result of, as GWW notes, millions of years of evolution with women putting themselves (& their children) before their men. And men got on board because it claimed to care for the women, which men are wired to want to do, too. On top of this the development of individual rights a couple of hundred years ago has led to us progressively think only of ourselves & our own groups concerns & safety, something which has been exploited terribly by big business & politics the past hundred years.

    The examples you gave from nature seemed to me to show the opposite of ego: unconscious duty, behaviour learned & passed on by the animals ancestors whose same behaviour enabled them to survive & pass on their genes.

    It seems to me evident that animals are much less guided by conscious thought that we, & tend to think & work in packs much more than we ever increasingly do: flocks of birds, shoals of fish, hives of insects.. they all move as one. If they could speak, I don't think they'd be able to explain why they do what they do. But then again, a lot of the time, neither can we.

    Hope that addresses some of what you're asking, I'm not sure if I could make sense of it otherwise, but maybe I'm just being slow. Thanks for commenting, anyway.

    1. Oh, I apologize for wording my question completely off. You have it right on the bat. I confused myself on psychological ego in humans and animal intelligence/emotion. (I use the word ego too much.)

      I watched one of her other videos and her mention of equality/ egalitarian views. I myself have always been an equalist, and I have often found myself battling feminists by calling them out on their ego. They have torn me apart naturally. Especially that I am not especially educated in the technicalities of all these "-isms".

  3. I have been reading her blog since the begining, and of course, watched all her videos.
    Though she is not the first female to take the MRA side, she is the first female MRA to actualy like - as her way of putting the problem fits best with my way of arguing and debating.

    Lucian Vâlsan from Romania.

  4. Yep, far & away the best at stating the case, would love to see her in debate. Nice to hear from you Lucian, thanks for stopping by.