Monday, 23 July 2012

Men In Black III

Just seen the new Men In Black film, a nice little popcorn adventure flick, exciting, funny & imaginative. I liked. What struck me about it coming away is the almost complete lack of any discernible misandry in it - no jokes about men being stupid, no railing against deadbeat dads, no 7-stone clotheshorses beating up men three times their size while proving women can do anything men can "but better"... None of that, just a really sweet, well-made movie about male friendship, heroism & fatherhood.

It's a little strange that's newsworthy, I'll grant you, but it's unusual enough in this day & age to make me want to pass on as a recommendation. It sure would be nice to see more films follow in this vein.


  1. No joke, just watched it tonight! No wonder I loved it so much! Nearly cried at the end too, it ended the film so well. **....ahem... i mean, no wait, tough guys don't cry!...**

    Great post. We need more movies like this.

  2. Such a great movie!!!!! Exactly, it was a great film about male companionships and fatherhood.