Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The New Athiesm+ Conference

Some last minute changes to the days events for those planning to attend.

12.00 . Announcement of newly agreed policy on the use of chat up lines at atheist and skeptic conventions. Don’t Ask, (so we) Don’t Tell (you no).

13.00 Expert Panel discussion:
‘Women in the Atheist movement, are we being denied a voice?’
(With panelists PZ Myers, Greg Laden and Jeremy Stangroom)

14.00 Open discussion:
“Is suppression of dissention becoming a problem in the modern skeptic movement?”
This question will be answered by a show of hands amongst attendees.

14.15 Those who voted ‘Yes’ will be lined up, maced by Amanda Marcotte and escorted from the premises.

14.30 Apology to the Religious.
The Atheist movement as a whole (well, at least those unmaced by Amanda) announces an official apology to the religious community.
“We have previously stated that people do not have the right not to be offended by others. We realize now that we were wrong and offer our sincerest apologies. We promise to avoid all behavior or public statements that offends others because to do so in future would make us hypocrites of the highest order."

15.00 Book Burning
Please bring along your copies of ‘The Ancestors Tale, The Selfish Gene, The God Delusion and The Greatest Show on Earth.
Professor Dawkins, will be at hand to sign your copy before it is tossed on the pyre. Please come early as Professor Dawkins can only stay for one hour.

16.00 Richard Dawkins Burning.
Sponsored by ‘Accomodationists-R-Us’

16.30 Stoning of the gender traitors

17.00 2011 Anti-Misogynist award.
The presentation of the 2011 award for those individuals showing true example in avoiding privileged white male behavior towards women at atheist conferences.
This years award goes to the five Islamists who attended the Dublin Convention to promote Sharia Law.

17.30 The Winners of the James Randi 1 Million Dollar Challenge will be presented their prize. The 1 million will be divided evenly between the 500 individuals on the Pharyngula and Skepchick messageboards for their demonstration of perfect psychic abilities, mind reading exactly what was going on in the head of Elevator Guy.

18.00 Keynote Speaker. Rebecca Watson
“Misogyny in the atheist movement: What some random commenters on my youtube channel have to say.”
(Rebecca’s 60 minute talk will be followed by a 1 minute period for questions and macing.)

22.00 - 4 AM 'Annual Skepchicks Keg Party'
The Skepchick 2011 ‘Hot College Girls Tickle Fight’ will be judged, as usual, by Rebecca Watson.


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