Saturday, 3 November 2012

Freddie Starr Hysteria Ate My Humanity

I'm really feeling much too depressed about the state of the world to write today but still feel I ought to say something, however little, about this night of the long knives Britain is going through right now. Earlier today I passed by a newspaper headline barking:

"Comic Freddie Starr was arrested today by police probing the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal.

Starr, 69, was held on suspicion of sex offences after Karin Ward, 52, claimed he groped her following a 1974 BBC show when she was 14."

In a world of genocide, war, murder, political cover-ups, oil spills & corporate greed, this is what gets put on the front page. This is what the people most urgently need to hear, need to be made aware of?

Let me fix that headline for you:


Jesus Henrietta Christ. For that they can arrest you & send police in to search your house? THIRTY SEVEN YEARS LATER? Even if this did happen - & let's say it did, though there is of course no evidence for it - why wait THIRTY SEVEN YEARS for your day in the sun? Thirty seven years before taking the newspaper money & destroying the life of a pensioner? For what? What has this accomplished?

As a thought-experiment, why not try this: Imagine if, in 1974, a 55-year old unemployed plumber in Hollywood walked into a newspaper office & told them "40 years ago Mae West once pinched my arse & wouldn't take no for an answer". Would that be front page news? Should that be front page news? Should someone in 1974 have gone searched that old lady's house & then put her in jail?

There's so much that needs to be said about this whole phenomenon, about the paedophilia hysteria that has gripped our society ever since feminism rose to its present position of power & influence in the 1980s. What the TV show Brasseye termed "Paedogeddon" really kicked off around then, with the utterly insane witchhunts in places like Bakersfield & Great Neck in the USA, & then the UK & the rest of the west. People didn't think like this before then. People didn't see child abusers lurking behind every bush. Playgrounds didn't have to have iron fences around them, & men sat by themselves in the park were not being primarily noted as potential threats.

So much, too, to say about the demonization of male sexuality (the penultimate aim of the paedophilia hysteria) & the way we as a society moved from Victorian prudery - the Christian hatred of the body & demonization of all sex - straight into the feminist age, where only male sexuality is demonized & all women encouraged - rewarded, even - to think of themselves as victims in all sexual encounters. And of the breaking apart of community, family, love & togetherness in this age of the nanny state (the ultimate aim of the paedophilia hysteria) but whatever explanations I can try to give seem to me so obvious & in any sane world worth talking to, unnecessary.  


I've written elsewhere about the wild variance in the age of consent across the centuries & nations:
In Spain the age of consent is 13. Does this mean the Spanish people are a race of evil paedophiles? In Albania & Austria the age is 14, Germany too. And Hungary. And Italy. And Portugal. In Greece it's 15. In some parts of America it's as high as 18, though a hundred years or so ago it was as low as 12. In Mexico it's still 12. In Britain it used to be 12, way back in the day but was lowered to 10 in the 16th century...

Which of these is correct? Lined up like that, doesn't it become obvious that none of them are? And that, in fact, none of them could be?

The legality of sex is fluid, malleable. But in our search for truth, our personal morality has to be above the laws of the day. Just because something's against The Law doesn't mean, in the greater scheme of things, that it's wrong. And just because something's legal doesn't make it good & beneficial. Wouldn't it be better to simply accept that different people mature sexually at different speeds? Would it not be the most sensible & humane thing to try have that acknowledged to some degree in the eyes of the law?
On the cover of that newspaper there's a photo of the two of them together back in 1974, & yes she looks young but she doesn't look a child. And he looks pretty damn hot, I thought. Virile & handsome & young. Like a rock star. Why does that not get factored into the equation?

It makes me think of all the rock stars of the 1970's, with all those 16 year old (if that) groupies hanging off their cocks. Back then they were all at it - Santa Maria, that's why most of them got into rock'n'roll in the first place - & it was seen by anyone under 40 as something good & healthy, something wild & natural & free from the untruthful, hypocritical mores of society, much like rock & roll itself. When did the hardwired male desire for young, fertile women become a bad thing? And why?

Well, I guess I've already answered both of those.

Who is next to be dragged to the stocks? David Bowie? Brian Eno? Iggy Pop? Where does it end? Will gangs of vigilantes dig up Jimi Hendrix's headstone & grind that into dust too? How does any witch hunt end? I guess it stops when it gets so ridiculous that it can't sustain the credulity of the masses any longer. When farmyard animals get accused of witchcraft & 5-year old boys of communist leanings or sexual harassment. Hopefully then the herd moves onto something else. Someone else gets put in the stocks. But by then, of course, all the damage has been done, & can never be undone. And we move on. And we learnt nothing.

This world has gotten so bovine & stupid & cruel. I see every gathering of people now as only two meetings away from a lynch mob. And if you want to tell me that it has always been this way, then yes, perhaps it has. But I'm old & I'm tired, & I don't want to be a part of it anymore.

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