Friday, 9 March 2012

Feminism Is A Type Of Mental Illness

Latest - & as always, superlative - broadcast from the future first female president of the USA, GirlWritesWhat. As usual, it starts slow & comes at you sideways, creeping up on you until after about 15 mins you go 'My God! There's no arguing with this shit!' Always the best kind of argument, I tend to think.

Excellent Jessica Valenti impressions at 7:31 & 09:01, by the way:


  1. I laughed at that punchline.

  2. I like how she starts as "hello woman haters!" so funny. I do like her a lot she must be rich though I doubt any woman will employ her after knowing her face and what she does for the MRA's.
    She has a good point the French Revolutionaries were not a happy go luck bunch so no movement starts with diplomacy but with anger.
    I do like that everyday there are more voices joining the MRA's side. Times are changing.

  3. Yep, I sure hope the train keeps on rolling & gathering steam.