Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Invisible Man On The Donkey

GirlWritesWhat taking apart patriarchal theory & the feminist historical narrative of domestic violence. It doesn't get much better than this:


  1. Do I see a bottle of Ketchup behind her? Sandwich is coming!
    Seriously, great vid as usual.

  2. That bottle is obviously a prop. Look at the size of it!

    More proof - if proof be needed - that that whole 'kitchen' is nothing more than a plywood set on a Hollywood soundstage, & that GirlWritesWhat is a New York method actress who hates children, refuses to cook, & has never even once set foot in Canada.

  3. ??? I have a bottle of ketchup around that size in my kitchen. It lasts like three months.So I still think this is a real kitchen, YMMV.

  4. Actually, I now think what we are seeing here is in fact a green-screen back-projection, rather than a studio set - that background is just too eerily still, I think she must simply be sat in front of a photograph of an American kitchen, which of course explains its monstrously large ketchup bottles.

    So then, that means she might not even be broadcasting from America at all, she could in fact be anywhere in the world - all she requires to keep on her oppressing of women is a broom closet she can string up a sheet behind her & a webcam in front.

    But where? With those pinko-liberal views & that haircut, I'm thinking Cuba.

    The plot thickens.

  5. Heh I really think you are over thinking it but I will play along...

    Too white to be in Cuba and her accent doesn't has any ink of knowing Spanish, my guess is a place were she cannot get fired or shamed because of her views. Somewhere in Europe, Switzerland or the Netherlands

  6. All thought-provoking points, but can't you just see her in a beret & military fatigues?

    Got to be Cuba.

    Castro's old, too, he's going to need someone to take over when he's gone..

  7. For anyone else turning up here & staring at this comment thread in confusion, fear & distress, it all began with an otherwise harmless remark by Yohami here:

    & just kind of ran.. I guess it could look a little odd, though.