Friday, 4 May 2012

In Defence Of The Foreskin

You know, I've been trying for awhile to find a simple way to explain to circumcised men – & uncircumcised women – how an intact penis - which of course neither of those groups have first-hand experience of - is actually supposed to feel like & work. And I think the best I’ve come up with so far is this: The Eyelid.

It's something we all have, so is something we all can relate to & easily visualize. If you feel the way the eyelid effortlessly slides over, moistens & protects your eyeball – & also how sensitive that eyeball itself is, not able to be exposed to the air for long without drying out & toughening up, or even be directly touched without at least feeling uncomfortable – well, that’s exactly how an intact penis feels & what the foreskin is for. The foreskin isn’t some extraneous piece of skin like an earlobe, or a part of the body that can be cut away only to grow back, like fingernails or hair: it has a specifically designed purpose, & that purpose is directly analogous to, as I’ve already said, that other intrinsic part of an intact body, the eyelid.

Just thought I'd pass that on, anyway. Here also are a couple of interesting links upon this subject I came across recently: 


  1. Thanks for the article.I personally think circumcision is a disaster for men.I was circumcised at the age of 4 and a half.
    My arms and legs were tied down and my penis was cut. I was given a local anesthetic,thank god for that,at least.
    My penis is as numb today as it was the day after the operation.No exaggeration.I was circumcised in the USA in 1961. Total mindf*ck and total genital mutilation.
    I have spent the last few months communicating with intactivists. Many men have had their genitals ruined because of circumcision.Also,
    100 to 300 boys die every year on the circumcision operating tables across the country.Also,some are so badly cut that the poor boys are then given a sex change operation.
    The situation is barbaric and disgusting.
    It's primitive,cruel,and a disaster for our society and culture.It greatly affects a man's psyche.
    Thank you bringing the subject to your readers attention.I appreciate it. Maybe a couple planning to have a child will read your article and go to anti-ciircumcision(intactivist)websites and learn more about circumcision before putting their boy(s) through the operation. Joe

    1. Jesus, that's awful to hear. I agree wholeheartedly with what you say & support the intactivists position: If little boys want to mutilate their genitals, let them choose to do it when they're 21, not tied to a table as a helpless infant. My body my choice. Thanks for writing in Joe.

  2. @L. Byron
    Thank you for your website.I just came across it today from "elusivewapiti". I'm meeting some intactivists today in the San Francisco Bay area.The group is called NORM.
    I never married because I was so severely mutilated. I'm 55 now,and I'm doing ok,but my life would have been a million times better without that damn operation.I'm not the only man around who was destroyed sexually because of circumcision.
    Thank god for the internet,because one will never hear the truth about circumcision from the mainstream media(or alot of other subjects).
    The docs are now selling the foreskins to skin cream companies for their skin lotions. Just disgusting.
    Thank you again.I'm putting "TriggerAlert" on my "favorite" list on my computer.Take care.Joe

  3. I wanted to mention that my husband told me he doesn't plan to do the circumcision our son even though he had the procedure done as a baby he rather have our kid to make the choice himself if he wants to. Just though you would be happy to know that another foreskin is going to be saved.

  4. That's good to hear Ana - I'm sure your son will thank you too. I wish you all the best in motherhood.

    Sorry for the comments moderation filter, by the way - have been having more spam recently than usual. Please don't take it personal.

  5. Heh I don't I assumed that you were being careful in case something hateful comes this way. So is all good. :)